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About Us

UmDiwa Inc, (Canada) T/A Alternative Lifestyle and Nutritional Therapy was formed July 1, 2010 to provide specialized service for people who need Alternative and Nutritional Therapy and wish to exercise freedom of choice in health care. We integrate natural health modalities with complementary medicine to promote the well-being of clients; to heighten their awareness through nurturing of the soul; and to help achieve a higher level of consciousness. Our system contributes to a sustainable and eco-friendly environment that supports Mother Earth and all of nature.

Marcilee began her nursing career after graduating from Faith Maternity and Medical School of Practical Nursing in Montego Bay, Jamaica. She practised for seven years in private hospitals and clinic and worked with many medical practitioners, including the renowned paediatrician and general practitioner – Dr. Winsome Miller-Rowe who believed in music therapy as a natural adjunct in the healing process. The use of music therapy as a natural healing art incorporates meditation and deep relaxation techniques to improve patients’ (adults and children) state of health. Over many years this experience in addition to training in peer education and counselling in areas of public health has enhanced her skills in supporting patients, colleagues and wider community.

Holistic Nutritionists Oakville, ON


Natural Nutrition and Business

Marcilee earned a Bachelor degree in Science for Business Administration at Northern Caribbean University in Jamaica and was an associate at Adwa Nutrition for Life Health Food Stores and Vegetarian Restaurant, conducting business and giving natural health advice.

In Canada Marcilee worked at the House of Health in Oakville, Ontario and attended the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition where she earned a diploma in Natural Nutrition and decided to be a Holistic Practitioner.

Now with over 15 years experience in the natural health food products industry across Jamaica W.I., United States of America, and Canada Marcilee has much to offer in this field of alternative health care.

Natural Nutrition Oakville, ON

Making the Goal through Vision and Mission

UmDiwa (Mudiwa) is a name that identifies with the African Diaspora. Out of that name comes the meaning “I AM a BELOVED SOUL”. The business name – ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLE AND NUTRITIONAL THERAPY (ALINTH) and the acronym coincides with her name.

Our Vision is to continue to help those who are in need and those who seek to discover - a new you.


Vision Statement: To Help Those Who Seek to Help Themselves.

Our Mission Statement: Is to continue to pioneer the natural health industry nurturing the passion through excellence, to integrate natural health modalities with complementary medicine in order to help clients achieve their well-being.

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David - Oakville, ON
"Marcilee works in the Health Food store on Speers Road. One day I decided to maybe try this store to see whether it could assist me. I am 60 years old, and honestly, feeling some days like I struggle with my energy. I will not take medications. I have been successful so far in maintaining my medication free status. As it pertains to vitamins, I am certainly leery about the marketing by the various producers. They promise you this new youth, or "whatever"...................... and I am not buying it. I met Marcilee and she recommended vitamin products that she thought would assist me with my energy levels. I thought this one time, let's take a chance. I saw almost immediate results. Thank you Marcilee for advancing my quality of life, it is an exciting development, and I will look to youfor further advice."

Marcilee, I came into the store over the summer about my daughter having a yeast infection. Thank you so much for your help. Your advice was incredible and she is doing well!.... I will always enlist your help and advice! Thank you again.

Taylor & Adam Moore - Mississauga, ON
"We have more energy, enjoy our food and feel much less sluggish than we'd ever felt before. Everyone comments on how well we look and say we are just glowing."

Jennifer Jones ~ Oakville, ON
"I would highly recommend Alternative Lyfestyle and Nutritional Therapy to anyone and everyone! Marcilee has made a huge contribution to improving my general wellbeing."

Jake Silverman~ Oakville, ON
"I am delighted to say that my bone density is now back in the normal range. I feel better than I have in years! A great thank you."

Mary Jacobs ~ Mississauga, ON
"Today at the age of 64, thanks to your knowledge of nutrition, dietary and supplemental advice, I look and feel the picture of good health."

Alicia Stein - Oakville, ON
"I very much appreciate our relationship, your professionalism and the quality of services that I have received. I would strongly recommend Alternative Lifestyle and Nutritional Therapy services."


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