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Alternative Lifestyle and Nutritional Therapy provides a holistic approach to health and nutrition by addressing what the total body needs for you to regain balance in overall health. With the mind, body, spirit approach looking at symptoms, assessing nutritional deficiencies and major imbalances you can achieve wholeness, be rejuvenated and feeling youthful. Whether you seek guidance in choosing more consciously a healthier lifestyle, choice of quality and wholesome foods diet, natural food supplements, need assistance in alleviating chronic pain or illness or simply wishing to maintain optimal health and longevity, I can help you and your family by enhancing nutrition and lifestyle needs.

Diet Counsellers Oakville, ON

My services provide the following to help you increase well being and state of health:

  • Dietary Counselling  LEARN MORE

  • Nutritional Supplement Therapies  LEARN MORE

  • Live Blood Cell Microscopy & ECG & Phlebotomy  LEARN MORE

  • Enzyme Therapy  LEARN MORE

  • Detoxification  LEARN MORE

  • Free-Markers Assessment  LEARN MORE
       o  pH
       o  Adrenal function
       o  Heavy metal
       o  Free radical

  • Nutrition Group Services: Lunch & Learn, Presentations/Seminars &
    Workshops.  LEARN MORE

  • Specialty in vegan cooking, baking & catering services also extended
    for your parties, anniversaries & more   LEARN MORE

It is individualized to your unique condition or situation that help guide and empower you on the path to optimal wellness. The insufficiencies overlooked by mainstream traditional medicine will be identified and can be corrected. If not corrected, the nutritional imbalances that cause disease result from poor nutrition, due to the lack of awareness as a consumer.

The benefits that you can achieve range from feeling of being energetic to being able to reduce and cope with stress.

Stress Management Oakville, ON

R.H.N Oakville, ON

Your holistic nutritionists is a trained professional in natural nutrition and complementary therapies who uses one or many different modalities of health to educate his clients in the way forward to optimize health and the impact it has on his overall life.

Your R.H.N. (Registered Holistic Nutritionist), is qualified to guide clients through the bamboozling of choosing foods as your medicine, supplementing with good quality natural health supplements and dealing with myriads of health issues that knocks us down for life.

We design individuals/personalized plans and programs to help prevent and alleviate imbalances that push clients in dis-ease.

Amongst the vast array of problems, these are some of the challenges you may be faced with:

  • Digestion and Elimination
  • Insomnia and Fatigue
  • Diabetes and Obesity

Cost for Personalized Services

Initial consultation* (1.5hrs) $80

  • Detailed lifestyle analysis
  • Action Plan/Goal setting
  • Preliminary recommendations

* is customized to include more specific and comprehensive assessment.

Follow-up visit (45 minutes) $60

  • Written assessment summary and recommendations
  • Diet Recommendations with sample menu plan/guide
  • Supplement recommendations
  • Lifestyle recommendations
  • Phase 2/3 recommendations

Regular visit (30 minutes) $40 and (1hr) $70

  • Guide to individual health challenge
  • Nutritional supplements plan/guide to incorporate in a healthy diet


Lunch and Learn

It’s all a part of our job; we take opportunity in educating and empowering people to become their own advocate for health. We want you to be empowered to take the responsibility for your health and family and get involved in making that decision to staying healthy and happy.

Our corporate clients have a demanding work life as well as family life....the physical, mental and emotional health is an important aspect of employee’s life. We can empower them on how to optimize their health and nutrition to be better productive at work. LEARN MORE


These are interactive sessions that are conducted in a 1-hour meeting that bring about information on varied topics of interest to a particular group or organisation. Presentations are designed for 1 hour Interactive sessions which are customized to suit your company’s needs. CONTACT US to arrange for meeting proposal and pricing.


Workshops are group meetings that involve a series of sessions to achieve a short-term or long-term health goal. This involves spring cleaning and detoxification, weight management and lifestyle coaching.

Specialty in Vegan Cooking/Baking

Catering services are extended for your birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions. It is thought for those who need egg-free, dairy-free, wheat-free and gluten-free eating or just need to put a healthy alternative amidst the table for your family and guests. You won’t have to worry as it is prepared with non meat eaters in mind to give a delightful taste and appeal. See our RESOURCES PAGE for further information and portfolio.

Cooking demonstrations are also organized for individuals and groups who have an interest in preparing vegetarian meals. CONTACT US for further details.


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